CS5199 - Individual Masters Project

My MSci project was on DVFS, energy savings, and scheduling in Assymetric Multicore Processors (AMPs), and was done using the gem5 simulator. The project was done full-time in one semester of the, without any other courses going on at the same time. CS5199 is a special Individual Masters Project for students doing an Integrated Masters (MSci) degree.

Due to problems with gem5’s stats model being redone without much documentation, and the documentation being out-of-date for a lot of ARM and DVFS simulation, the project had to be simplified to a purely hypothetical exploration of the ideas, without attempting to implement them in a scheduler.

The project achieved a final grade of 16.5/20.

(at a later date, I wrote up my notes on gem5 and contributed the following 2 pages of documentation as a help for future users:


Thomas Ekström Hansen
Thomas Ekström Hansen
PhD student in Computer Science

My interests include information visualisation, formal methods, and low-level programming.