So long, Reddit

As of today, 2023-06-30, my Reddit account (u/CodingCellist) has been deleted due to the ongoing controversy with API pricing and third-party apps. I’m aware this is a drop in the ocean or something, and I was genuinely sad to see my account go, but sometimes that’s just how things be. I meant to leave the comments up in an edited state, but accidentally misconfigured the tool I was using so it edited and deleted everything.
Remember to read the docs and double-check your configs people!

Some of the content was cross-posts from here anyway, but for the stuff that wasn’t, I did as best as I could this month to archive it on the Internet Archive aka. Wayback Machine. Should anyone ever need it, it can be (slowly) browsed there via my old [dot] reddit [dot] com user link.

So long and thanks for all the fish, Reddit.

As for where I’ll be now, I don’t know. IRC and Discord I guess? Time will tell.

Thomas Ekström Hansen
Thomas Ekström Hansen
PhD student in Computer Science

My interests include information visualisation, formal methods, and low-level programming.